Tom Stephan Profilbild ein Mann stehend vor einer weißen Türe


Short biography

A life full of ups and downs shaped Tom Stephan into an artist. Growing up in difficult circumstances in Stuttgart, he lost contact with his biological family after a court ordered his placement in a youth welfare facility. Tom Stephan spent his late youth in Altensteig in the Black Forest, where he learned to express himself through art. His neighbor at the time, Heide Simon, taught him the piano on a voluntary basis for almost seven years, laying the foundation for his musical education.

After catching up on his secondary school leaving certificate at his home secondary school, he attended the social science grammar school in Nagold and held his first art exhibition [1]. Tom Stephan took part in charitable art projects [2] and got involved by playing the piano in public [3][4][5][6].

Due to his age, he was no longer able to remain in the residential group and was threatened with homelessness. A time that had a significant impact on his art and music. He left grammar school without a degree, but persevered with his studies.

He moved into his first apartment, attended the commercial vocational college in Nagold and lived off his child benefit and wages from a weekend job [7]. In his first year at school, he took an exam at the DHBW Stuttgart and after passing it, he initially applied for dual study programs in tax consulting. In his second year, he also took the Delta exam at the University of Mannheim [8] and was the only one of his year to be able to study at a university without a high school diploma.

Tom Stephan decided to return to Stuttgart to study economics at the University of Hohenheim. Before moving, he donated several works of art to the institutions where he lived. Some of them are still on display there today [9]. He was the only one of his family to follow the academic path and, after financial support failed to materialize, he not only financed his studies but also the establishment of his own business.

He moved to Bielefeld in 2022 for his Master’s degree in economics, where he is involved in several university groups alongside his studies [10]. He focused on free, blind improvisation [11], began composing his own classical works and became a student of the concert pianist Andrej Fadejew [12]. He dedicated his almost ten-minute work 10 Variations in f minor to his former piano teacher in Altensteig [13].

Late in his studies, Tom Stephan discovered his passion for writing and applied to several agencies as an author. Since 2023, he has been publishing articles in online magazines and anthologies that include autobiographical passages.

Tom Stephan has his own catalog raisonné and, before the age of thirty, looked back on hundreds of works created in various artistic genres [14].

After his master’s degree, he is aiming for a doctorate in economics.

Art exhibitions

geplant für 2025 | Porträts & Persönlichkeiten, Freizeitzentrum Stieghorst Bielefeld
2024 | Benefiz-Kunstausstellung Lichtstrahl e.V. VHS Bielefeld [14]
2020 | Online-Ausstellung in Pandemiezeiten: 40 Werke zum Thema Porträt [15]
2016 | Galerie Rathaus Altensteig Altensteig
2013 | Altes Rathaus e.V. Neubulach [16]
2012 | Ausstellung Musische Festtage, Nagold

Publicly exhibited works of art

seit 2022 | Ristorante L’Inizio, Stuttgart [17]
seit 2019 | Studierendenwerk, Hohenheim
2018 – 2019 | Bruderhaus Diakonie, Altensteig
seit 2017 | Haus Haeften, Altensteig
seit 2014 | Haus Terwiel, Altensteig
seit 2011 | Landesbausparkasse, Altensteig


2019 | Walzer in f-moll für Klavier
2021 | Prelude in d-moll für Klavier
2021 | Zehn Variationen in f-moll für Klavier
2023 | Vier Variationen in f-moll für Klavier

Articles in publications

2024 | Winter & Weihnachten, 2. Band, Edition Dorante
2023 | Sechzehnseiten, Online-Literaturmagazin, Kein Verlag e.V. [19]
2023 | Anthologie Hilfe Weihnachten kommt, Verlag Herz und Gold [20]
2023 | Neue Literatur, August von Goethe Literaturverlag [21]
2023 | Weihnachtsanthologie, August von Goethe Literaturverlag [22]
2023 | Poets of the new World Nr. 1, Verlag Philipp Sperling [23]
2023 | Jahrbuch 2023, Frankfurter Bibliothek [24]
2023 | Ukraine: Blau & Gelb, Edition Dorante [25]
seit 2023 | Kunst-Kultur-Literatur Magazin, Online [26]


seit 2024 | Fördermitglied SternenBlick e.V. [26]
seit 2023 | KUNSTKLUB Förderkreis Kunsthalle Bielefeld e.V.
seit 2023 | Bundesverband junger Autoren und Autorinnen e.V.

Media reports

2023 | Autoreninterview bei Sechzehnseiten, Online-Literaturmagazin [27]
2023 | Autobiografischer Blog-Beitrag bei Quarterl1fe [28]
2023 | Interview im Kunst-Kultur-Literatur Magazin [29]
2013 | Zeitungsartikel im Schwarzwälder Bote [30]

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